Waging Peace is an NGO campaigning against human rights abuses in Sudan, where conflict continues even though international attention has moved on to other crises.

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Welcome to our revamped website!

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We have redeveloped it to provide you with better insight into what we do. It’s taken several months, but this has given us an opportunity to reflect on how far…

Time To Celebrate A Victory!

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If you follow the news, you’ll know that refugees don’t have much to celebrate these days. Opportunist politicians and populist media often distort the truth about people fleeing persecution, painting…

Raising the profile of Sudan in the UK

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At Waging Peace, we constantly look for ways to raise the profile of human rights abuses in Darfur and Sudan more widely, by providing Darfuris and other Sudanese nationals with…

Responding to the Refugee Crisis

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THERE IS A PRACTICAL WAY YOU CAN HELP REFUGEES RIGHT NOW! Many of us wish to help the refugees arriving in Europe in a practical and immediate way that reaches…

We are committed to contributing to a Sudan that is at peace.