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What We're About

Strategic aims

  • To provide a range of responsive, quality services to support Sudanese refugees to build meaningful lives in UK.
  • To increase awareness of the needs of Sudanese refugees and to influence local, national, and international policy and service development in relation to Sudan.
  • To develop a strong and sustainable organisation so that it may achieve its strategic aims.

Why are we unique?

We occupy a unique position as a service provider for the Sudanese diaspora and a trusted ‘critical friend’ to a wide range of individuals and organisations operating in the Sudan policy and practice landscape.

We act as a hub for advice and information; provision of support to Sudanese diaspora; in-depth, non-partisan cultural and political insight and understanding; expert opinion; developing links and facilitating dialogue.

Our values — what’s important to us

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Empowerment
  • Neutrality
  • Transparency
  • Compassion

How we live our values

We STAND UP and persevere. Our commitment to Sudan is evidenced by long-term, authentic engagement and action.

We’ve built trust by standing and working with, not abandoning, Sudan and its people.

Power with. We support and encourage each individual to fulfil their potential.

While we are committed to fighting for universal human rights, we believe there are Sudanese solutions to Sudanese challenges.

We are deeply committed to working collaboratively with individuals and organisations, seeking feedback and consultation wherever possible.

We are guided by love and held by boundaries. We seek to do all that is possible, and sometimes more, whilst knowing our limits.