We regularly perform research and produce reports for policy, media, and public audiences. Some are aimed at raising awareness, and others at influencing policy, either to inform Foreign Office policy and practice or to improve Home Office decision-making on asylum, including via distribution to lawyers for use in individual cases.

Our reports are cited regularly by the Home Office in their Country Policy and Information Notes on Sudan.

We have also been an expert witness in two UK Country Guidance cases relating to Sudan.

Country situation in Sudan (2022) [PDF]
A report presenting country of origin information on Sudan, specifically in relation to the situation facing black African individuals, particularly those who are rejected asylum-seekers, living in Khartoum, and with consideration of the military coup in the country on 25 October 2021.

Joint submission alongside the HUDO Centre to Sudan’s third cycle Universal Periodic Review (2021) [PDF] and fact sheet (2021) [PDF]
Submission to Universal Periodic Review process covering abuses in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, with a focus on security of persons and violations by state agents, enforced disappearances, and freedom of religion or belief.

The impacts of COVID-19 on human trafficking in Sudan (2021) [PDF]
Research project prepared alongside the Royal United Services Institute, Global Partners Governance and the University of Nottingham Rights Lab, for which we arranged a focus group of survivors of human trafficking, modern slavery and exploitation.

A Hopeful Yet Fragile Peace: How the UK Can Support Sudan’s Democratic Transition (2020) [PDF]
Prepared for MPs ahead of an October debate in British Parliament.

Justice and Accountability in Sudan (2020) [PDF]
One year on from the 3 June 2019 massacre, we explore progress (or not) made towards justice and accountability for this incident as well as historic atrocity crimes.

Briefing on situation in Sudan following June massacre (2019) [PDF]
A massacre in Khartoum and other conflict areas in early June derailed tentative negotiations towards a free and just Sudan – our briefing explains how the UK can prevent further atrocities and respond now.

Submission as expert witness for non-Arab Darfuri Country Guidance Case (2019) [PDF]

Submission to the HRC on mixed migration from, and to, Sudan (2018) [PDF]
Our submission to the 39th session of the Human Rights Council on the migration picture in Sudan

Recommendations on post-deportation monitoring in Sudan (2018) [PDF]
Guidance on best practice for redocumentation procedures, and on mitigating post-deportation risk factors in Sudan.

Submission as expert witness for Nuba Country Guidance case (2018) [PDF]
A submission to the Country Guidance case considering risk on return to Sudan for those of Nuba ethnicity

State of the World’s Emergencies (2017) [PDF]
The Sudan section of this BOND report

Peacekeeping cuts – a decision for Darfur (2017)
A mini report with testimonies from Darfuris ahead of UN Security Council renewal of the peacekeeping mission’s mandate

Post-deportation update (2017) [PDF]
A short update detailing recent cases of individuals returned to Sudan and put at risk as failed asylum seekers

The UK’s involvement in the Khartoum Process as it relates to Sudan (2016) [PDF]
A description of this EU tool for addressing migration flows from the Horn of Africa, considering specifically the UK-Sudan relationship

Mental health provision in Sudan – the psychiatric & psychological infrastructure (2016) [PDF]
Account of the low provision of mental health services in Sudan and dangers returning an affected individual to the country

Female genital mutilation and cutting in Sudan (2016) [PDF]
Considers the prevalence and attitudes towards FGM/C in Sudan and risk to children returned to the country

Rape in Darfur – A History of Predation (2015) [PDF]
A report on sexual violence in Darfur drawing on first-hand testimonies from the region

Risk to LGBT communities and HIV sufferers in Sudan (2015) [PDF]
Looking at the dangers of being LBGT in Sudan and at the low levels of access to anti-retrovirals

Support organisations in Italy (2015) | English | Arabic [both PDFs]
Prepared in response to increasing numbers of asylum-seekers being returned to Italy as a third country, to help prepare them

The Cost of Inaction – Can Sudan Afford Five More Years with Bashir? (2015) [PDF]
Research compiling ways in which Sudan had suffered over five years since President Omar Al-Bashir’s appointment as

The Human Rights Situation in East Sudan (2014) [PDF]
Looking at the under-reported area of East Sudan and human rights abuses there

The Long Arm of the Sudanese Regime (2014) [PDF]
Our second report on risk on return for rejected asylum seekers to Sudan.

The Danger of Returning Home (2012) [PDF]
Our first report on risk on return for failed asylum seekers based on first-hand testimony of returnees

The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Services (2011) [PDF]
A briefing on the repressive practices and torture used by NISS

The border agency are playing a game to scare us (2011) [PDF]
A report by Waging Peace, Symaag and Northern Refugee Centre

Trafficking and Forced Recruitment of Child Soldiers on the Chad/Sudan Border (2008) [PDF]
Identifying rebel factions, including JEM and Chadian groups, accused of recruiting Darfuri refugees as child soldiers

The Home Office Are Playing a Game to Scare Us (2007) [PDF]
Documenting illegal interviews of Darfuri asylum-seekers by the Sudanese Embassy

The UN-AU Hybrid Mission in Darfur – Will It Work? (2007) | English | Arabic [PDFs]
Our consideration of the peacekeeping mission UNAMID’s effectiveness at the time of its implementation