We pride ourselves on working collaboratively and with a range of organisations, either to deliver training , as part of our atrocity prevention efforts, or coordination of UK advocacy on Sudan. We also signpost to other organisations in the asylum and refugee support sector at every stage of our casework, and in turn receive referrals from other groups.

We regularly work to support the efforts of larger organisations that are able to deliver our message to wider networks than we could manage on our own.

An example is the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, who we have worked with to develop the Darfur-specific section of their programming. We have fed in testimonies and contacts that have led to a Darfur refugee being featured in their educational pack – downloaded and used by thousands of teachers -, a particularly moving story being read aloud by Bond star Naomie Harris at the 2016 ceremony, a Darfuri recipe being included in a cultural pack, and Darfuris being represented at the candle-lighting ceremony and at the London event, which in 2016 was broadcast live to thousands on the BBC.

We would not be able to reach such a large audience on our own, but neither would the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust otherwise have access to this sometimes disparate diaspora, or to overcome the barrier that the word ‘Holocaust’ can have among a community that needs to be re-educated after routinely anti-semitic education in Sudan.

We are also part of networks that pool resources so as not to duplicate work, like the BashirWatch coalition that monitors President Omar Al-Bashir’s international travel despite being indicted by the International Criminal Court and petitions countries to arrest him if they are Rome Statute signatories.