Sonja Miley, Co-Executive Director

Sonja has a degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University in California. She spent many years working in international cultural exchange before joining the civil society sector. 

Sonja has worked over 25 years in multicultural environments and has travelled extensively which supports her inclusive and holistic approach to engagement. 

Sonja’s ongoing training is focused in psychological sciences and the facilitation of groups where she incorporates a trauma-informed approach to her current work.

She is a certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (BHSP) undertaking a 4-year training 2004-2008, and from 2015-2017 certified as a facilitator from the Centre of Systemic Constellations (CSC). 

She has also worked with several non-profit organisations in the UK and abroad with inner-city youth and other marginalised groups. 

You can find her on Twitter at @Sonja_Miley.

Maddy Crowther, Co-Executive Director

Maddy joined Waging Peace in September 2014 from a background in communications and public affairs, as well as academic experience studying African politics at Cambridge University.

She is a Horn of Africa expert, also serving as the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Eritrea.

You can find her on Twitter at @CrowtherMaddy.

Our Trustees

Rebecca Tinsley, President and Founder of Waging Peace

Rebecca started Waging Peace after visiting Darfur at the height of the genocide in 2004. She is a former BBC reporter and the author of When the Stars Fall to Earth, a novel about Sudan.

She also founded the charity Network for Africa which provides psychotherapy counselling training in countries recovering from conflict.

Dr Richard Cockett

Richard is a journalist, writer and academic. He has been a senior editor at The Economist newspaper since 1999, working as a foreign correspondent in Latin America, African and Asia. He has written several books, including Sudan; The Failure and Division of an African State, based on years of travelling to the country.

The second edition of the book was published by Yale University Press in 2016. He has also lectured widely on issues relating to international affairs and contemporary politics.

Shaughnessy Hawkins

Shaughnessy (“Ness”) is a commercial lawyer with a passion for mathematics.

She enjoys policy and advocacy, and getting back to the Canadian wilderness whenever possible.

Toufique Hossain

Toufique is the Director of Public Law at Duncan Lewis Solicitors.

His practise is dominated by judicial review, leading strategic litigation where he represents individual claimants and NGOs who seek to challenge Executive decisions, policies and practices.

Trustees not pictured

Dame Rosalind Marsden
Victoria Harding-Mbogo

Behind the Scenes

Caspar Kennerdale – Digital Operations

Caspar has been working with Waging Peace since 2017. He manages the digital operations which includes the website and intranet.

Caspar is passionate about working with people with dedicated causes from the grassroots up.

He is also the founder of ClearCommunityWeb, a social enterprise fighting for digital inclusion in the UK.

Robert Woodfield – Accountant

Robert has a wide accounting experience over many years.

Latterly working with non-profits and the charity sector in supporting financial objectives and good governance.

Carrie Braes – Graphic Design

Carrie is a graphic designer who has been working with Waging Peace since 2007.

She’s a former printmaker, current part-time restorer of period houses and contributes her artistic skills to Waging Peace to support promoting human rights.