We support Elsadig, and others like him, to realise the power of their own voices. We continue to respond to client-led requests and work towards shared goals.

Elasdig shares generously and courageously as a tribute to those who’ve perished, as an act of solidarity and a desire to educate and inform so that his-story is remembered.

We were introduced to Elsadig in February 2019 when the Sudanese Revolution was in full movement. We were called upon by the diaspora during this extraordinary time to support individuals, groups and the wider community unlike any time before.

The people’s peaceful revolution was building momentum daily, and Sudanese inside and outside Sudan were focused on little else. Women, men and youth; those from the Nuba Mountains, Eastern Sudan, the centre and capital Khartoum, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, Darfur, North Sudan; young and old were united in a way we had never experienced before with a community fractured by decades of oppression and dictatorial rule. Activism was no longer a choice. Solidarity was an act of resistance. Sudanese were united with hope: the prospects of a country at peace, all its citizens free and equal, with justice a promise embedded in the ‘new Sudan’.  

The Revolution offered a chance for peaceful change from decades of brutal dictatorship, war, racist policies, widespread impunity and torture by security forces, the trampling of women and women’s rights and rampant state sanctioned sexual violence. 

We were introduced to Elsadig after he shared – for the first time in a public forum with a cross section of his own people – his personal testimony of escaping genocide in Darfur. Elsadig’s testimony was deeply impactful to his community; many of whom were also survivors of genocide and persecution in Sudan. To this day, understandably, many cannot and will not relay the horrors of their experiences – especially to their own community.

It is rare to hear first-hand public testimony from a Sudanese survivor not only because the security and safety of loved ones (and themselves) remains a real threat but also present is the anguish of shame, pain, grief, loss and re-traumatisation.

We support people where they are. Elsadig made a personal choice that day to share his story with his community. He continues to seek opportunities to use his voice on a wider scale. Here are some examples where we’ve worked together to create wider impact.