We offer training aimed at improving our clients’ knowledge and understanding of their rights and entitlements in the UK, and empowering them to navigate and access structures and services better, on topics like British benefits, culture, or politics, or those affecting Sudanese communities particularly, like mental health, or FGM.

We aim to empower individuals to advocate for themselves after our interventions, and gain hard or soft skills that can increase employment potential.

Our training on lobbying and political influence has reached hundreds and has taken us into the heart of our democracy to meet MPs in Parliament itself.

Barry Sheerman MP, Huddersfield

I was thrilled that wonderful women from the Huddersfield Sudanese Women’s Group recently paid me a visit in Westminster. Politics is decided by those who show up and participate, so I am encouraged and grateful that these women took the time to personally raise important issues close to their hearts with me at Parliament. Unfortunately these days the green card system is seldom used.

I only receive two or three of them a year. But it is important to understand that this system is the right of all my constituents because the Parliament belongs to all of us. It is my duty to meet the people I represent when they come to meet me. I am proud to have such an active and passionate group of women in my constituency and look forward to working together in the future.

Training Participant

“What struck me was your preparedness to listen to all participants. Probably that was part of the ethos of Waging Peace which is obviously avoiding the paternalistic approach used by some of the organisations which work with grass root societies.”

Training Participant

The training was a really good experience. It was good to know the different tools that you can use to communicate with your MP.”