We support Sudanese women’s groups across the UK. We’ve helped start groups from the very beginning and we offer advice, support, training and sometimes financial resources to other groups in various stages of development

Sudanese women face particular challenges when they reach the UK. They may have joined their husbands after difficult asylum processes and lengthy periods of separation. During this time they would have served as the sole heads of the household in extremely challenging environments, for instance in refugee or IDP camps.

They increasingly come to the UK having fled their own repression as journalists or human rights defenders, subject to traumatising treatment by Sudanese state agents. They arrive here disoriented and disconnected from support networks back home. Despite this, they often have a strong appetite to take advantage of the freedoms guaranteed to them in the UK, and to challenge traditional outlooks and attitudes in their communities.

The safe space provided by our support groups gives these women a platform to help one another and promote integration. The older, more established members can provide guidance to newer arrivals, as they are better able to articulate differences in culture and offer information on the support and services available.

We also receive regular requests to provide training, for instance on topics like the UK political system or female genital mutilation (FGM [hyperlink to our FGM report?]). FGM has become a particular issue of concern, with some women taking their interest one step further to enroll in ‘train the trainer’ programmes themselves, helping to change entrenched attitudes in their wider communities.

While we encourage the women to take ownership of their support groups and fund as much of their activities as they can, because so many are new arrivals on low levels of asylum support, there are often funding shortfalls. Please consider donating to us to help cover the £100 cost of a monthly room rental to allow these women to meet.

We are grateful to existing funders for their support.