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On Saturday 5 May, over 750 members of the community joined us in Birmingham for fantastic food, powerful tribal dancing, and to be entertained by Sudan’s most famous musicians, like Omer Ihsas.

In the words of local MP Richard Burden who attended the event, it is important to “celebrate the really rich and diverse culture and heritage of Sudan”, so that Sudanese “voices are heard inside our democratic process here in the UK”.

To the asylum-seekers and refugees that attended, the event helped them feel a stronger link to a shared Sudanese identity, as well as to their newer British home. One lady who came, despite the fact that she struggling through the asylum process at the moment, said: “for a while I was able to forget everything”.

The event was funded by The Big Lottery Fund, but the time it took us to put it on was unfunded. If you would like to support this, as well as our other work, please DONATE.


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Waging Peace undertakes a range of activities in support of its mission to support Sudanese asylum-seekers, refugees, and the wider community to build meaningful lives in the UK.

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