Many Sudanese individuals face conflict, torture, and persecution in Sudan which causes them to want to flee the country and seek safety elsewhere. New arrivals from Sudan reach the UK at their most vulnerable, often after arduous journeys involving trafficking in Libya and perilous journeys across the Mediterranean.

They arrive bewildered by the UK asylum system, and increasingly as targets for hostility and far-right abuse. We work intensively to help them receive the services to which they are entitled. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach, responding to the individual needs of each person, rather than assuming a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is best. Our mission is to support individuals to build meaningful lives in the UK.

To do so, we provide crisis support, helping reduce the incidence of immigration detention, destitution, suicidal risk, and threat of deportation. We also provide ongoing emotional support at the end of a phone, or in person. Many clients feel immediately understood when we can share details of, or casework examples from, Sudan. It helps them feel listened to and understood. The holistic nature of our support means we are able to monitor closely the mental health status of our clients and ward off crises. Our clients feel safer and less isolated.

We do so alongside volunteers, many of whom we encountered at earlier stages of their journey to integration in the UK, including those who visit those held in immigration detention, as well as among the community

(Portrait by Andres Serrano, American photographer and artist. Image courtesy of a/political)