We offer information and advice. For instance, we find our beneficiaries lawyers and source expert evidence, including by drafting country reports or support letters on request, and attending court if necessary.

A support letter we produced for a client in December 2020 was called “the most useful and thorough bit of bespoke evidence I’ve ever received” by a lawyer. And in a survey of our legal partners in May 2020, 100% of respondents agreed that we help understanding of Sudan and improve decision-making for their Sudanese clients. In comments, one respondent noted that we, “go above and beyond to protect (clients’) best interests”.

Although the Home Office is ultimately responsible for status decisions, our interventions make it more likely that clients with credible claims will achieve leave to remain.

We are well networked with other refugee support organisations and able to signpost clients to relevant projects and services.

If you would like to refer a client to us, please see our guidance for legal practitioners.