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Many of us wish to help the refugees arriving in Europe in a practical and immediate way that reaches those in need. Among the thousands of people fleeing from war and persecution are many from Sudan. At Waging Peace we give a practical helping hand to people trying to escape from violence and jihad in Sudan.
At any moment, we have 100’s of refugees – people – on our books, many of them political dissidents persecuted by their own government because they want the rights and freedoms we in North America and Europe take for granted. All told, we have helped thousands of refugees in the following ways:

  • We make sure refugees get legal advice
  • We support people as they claim asylum, and guide them through the process
  • We visit refugees held in detention, and arrange for them to be visited by people who share their language and experience
  • We are on call in case of a crisis, offering moral support, advice and sometimes refer to organisations who can provide a bed for the night
  • We provide emergency funds for refugees who are struggling to make ends meet
  • We collect and distribute children’s clothing and toys, mobile phones and computers
  • We update government officials with analysis of the political and military conditions in Sudan where the regime is ethnically cleansing black Africans, and persecuting democratic opposition activists, women’s rights advocates, human rights campaigners and those from the LGBTI community
  • We arrange meetings with government authorities so refugees can influence Western policy
  • We provide political and media training so refugees are equipped to make their case to authorities as well as exercise their democratic rights in the UK
  • We organise meetings where the Sudanese diaspora can gather, helping establish and coordinate mutual support networks


Please help us to continue this work:

We rely on individuals, not government or corporations, to provide these services. To be honest, helping Sudanese political dissidents and women’s rights activists hasn’t been easy to raise funds for. We hope the heightened awareness of the suffering of refugees may change that. We have a charitable arm called Article 1 (named after Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Please give a tax-efficient donation via this registered charity. Please click here.

Thank you,

Olivia, Maddy and Sonja


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Waging Peace undertakes a range of activities in support of its mission to support Sudanese asylum-seekers, refugees, and the wider community to build meaningful lives in the UK.

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