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19 June 2014 Blue Nile Film Screenings and Q and A with Filmmakers

By June 2, 2014Media

In Sudan’s Blue Nile extreme conditions persist. The fear and devastation wrought by aerial bombardment continues. Most of the region’s population have fled to neighbouring countries. With stoic perseverance people endure the agony of hunger, disease and forced displacement.

Yet, while other crises are in the headlines, the war in Blue Nile receives little attention. Along with other conflicts in Sudan, the fighting in and suffering in Blue Nile has been successfully veiled from view by the government of Sudan, rendering it distant from the psyche of those that might intervene. 

Captivated by the people and the place, filmmakers Matthew LeRiche and Viktor Pesenti have produced two documentaries and a multimedia report about the conflict.

Their films show some of the most vivid images to date of how civilians are suffering from Khartoum’s ongoing indiscriminate bombardment, including women and children hiding in hand-dug trenches. 

A combination of direct footage and eyewitness accounts present a unique glimpse into the heart of the conflict, and bear witness to its devastating humanitarian impact.

We will be screening the two short films in the House of Lords, and will present the most recent information and reporting from Blue Nile state. This will be followed by a Q and A session with the two filmmakers and authors of the report, who will discuss their experiences of reporting from one of the world’s most closed regions. 

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Committee Room 2, Houses of Parliament
SW1A 0AA                                      
18:00 to 19:30 (BST)



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