One of our primary aims is to improve the knowledge base and decision-making capabilities of those deciding policy toward Sudan and asylum-seekers more generally, whether that is within Parliament, in the Foreign or Home Offices, or at higher levels of government.

A lot of this depends on our research and reports, which we distill into briefings for decision-makers or convey during meetings or events, but we also serve as a trusted and credible voice as secretariat of various working groups, for instance on Sudanese advocacy or on atrocity prevention. We also serve as members and collaborate with other groups, most often in the asylum and refugee policy space, for instance the Detention Forum, with whom we campaign for a time limit on the number of days an individual can be held in immigration detention, and Asylum Matters, where we lend our voice to establishing fairer asylum policy and practice.

We work on the international stage, directing our voice at UN and regional bodies and instruments on issues such as the International Criminal Court case on Darfur, the peacekeeping mission in the region, the mandate and reporting of the Independent Expert, Security Council or African Union resolutions on the country, the IGAD-mediated peace process, and so on. We hold these institutions accountable to commitments already made toward Sudan, and ensure they remain rooted in the needs and wishes of the Sudanese people.